Magic pancakes

Usually the only magical thing about traditional pancakes is how quickly they disappear from my plate… but on this occasion, the magic lies in the fact that they’re syn free! Or they were until I added a tablespoon of maple syrup (2 syns).

Thanks to @slimmingwjourney on instagram for sharing this fab recipe with me. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

Et voila, pancakes à la slimming world

Et voila, pancakes à la slimming world

Syns on Extra Easy: 2 per serving if using a tablespoon of maple syrup

Ingredients – for two people

70g porridge oats (35g is a HEXB)
2 x Activia 0% fat vanilla yoghurt
4 x eggs
Fruit to top
Maple syrup

How to make it

1. Mix the oats in a bowl with the yoghurt, then add the eggs and mix again until it’s all combined.

2. Heat a pan until it’s really hot, using fry light, pour a small amount of the mixture into the pan to form a pancake shape, and repeat to fit as many as you can into your frying pan.

3. When they appear to be well cooked on the bottom, turn them over and cook the top.

4. Once cooked through,  I added a tablespoon of maple syrup and a chopped banana, but the world is your oyster here, go for whatever you fancy!

5. Serve and devour.