Spicy chicken goujon burger with chilli mayo

I will start by saying I LOVE this – it is great for when you’re craving a chicken burger from the chipper. I serve my spicy chicken burger with various toppings…mushrooms, bacon, onion, cheese etc… spoil yourself (within reason, this is meant to be healthy)!

Keeping it simple...tomatoes, lettuce and onion - beaut!

Keeping it simple…tomatoes, lettuce and onion – beaut!

Look at me now! I'm smothered in mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and onion :-)

Look at me now! I’m smothered in mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and onion 🙂

Chilli mayo - I highly recommend this!

Chilli mayo – I highly recommend this!

Syns on Extra Easy: 1 per serving

Ingredients – for two people

For the chicken:

2 x chicken breasts, cut into chunky strips
2 x eggs
Smash (the dried potato stuff)
Spicy Season All (Schwartz)
2 x 60g wholemeal rolls (One is your HexB)
Plus whatever else you might like to top your burger with!

For the chilli mayo (adjust depending on how spicy you like things):
4 x tbsp extra light mayo
2 x tbsp fat free natural yogurt
1 x tsp chilli powder
1 x tsp of Spicy Season All
1 x tsp of lazy red chillies

 How to make it

  1. Pour some smash onto a plate and add plenty of Spicy Season All seasoning to it.
  2. Take your strips of chicken and dip it in a bowl of beaten eggs, before rolling it in the smash mixture – repeat until all the chicken is coated.
  3. Cook the chicken at 200° for about 20 minutes or until you think it has cooked through.
  4. While the chicken is cooking, make the mayo by mixing all the above ingredients together.
  5. When the chicken is ready, build your burger, serve and enjoy!